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Construction Rodrigue & Duncan, based in Hudson, Quebec, is a home builder with over 30 years of experience.

Daniel together with his equal business partner Janice Duncan have earned a reputation for building high quality homes with a timeless elegance, resulting in an impressive and prestigious portfolio of homes west of Montreal.

While Daniel takes charge of the sub contractors and finances of the company, assuring quality workmanship and a timely schedule, Janice takes charge of the creative side of building the homes.  Janice has a background initially in fashion, then on to interior and exterior construction design. Her passion and talent are reflected in the homes of the portfolio, and her designs of the homes she and Daniel have built together, have been featured in various magazines such as Montreal Home, Prestige Design and Maison Montreal.

Janice will work together with the client to bring a highly refined sense of design to all of their projects. She will guide you through each and every aspect of the design, interior and exterior finishing of your home so that you are completely satisfied, while Daniel will keep the budget on track and co ordinate and manage the construction site.

They both pride themselves on their ability to listen to their clients dreams and goals to result in a residence that is a highly evolved culmination of creative thinking and artisan level craftsmanship.  They strive to create a personal relationship with each client, beginning with their enthusiasm and passion, and ending with a lasting and enjoyable experience. 

Whether you choose your own lot, or decide on a lot in the prestigious Hudson’s Valleys, they will help you work through your choices, offer advice, and build you a beautiful home.

Serving the regions of Hudson, Saint Lazare, Vaudreuil, & West Island of Montreal.

Construction Rodrigue & Duncan understands that you want your home to be unique, a reflection of yourself, a place where you will be proud to live, so they specialize in making your home individual. Their passion for detail and fine material will distinguish your home from the ordinary. Through the careful incorporation of design details your home will have its own character....details such as:

  • Dramatic and artful combination of external brick and stone

  • Gourmet kitchens

  • Luxurious bathrooms

  • Double and triple crown moulding

  • Wide crowns and baseboards

  • High ceilings and doors



Every detail is considered. Every detail counts.

Construction Rodrigue & Duncan understand their clients’ aesthetic aspirations and functional needs and they will help you build the home of your dreams. Their personal service is designed to help you achieve this. They will help you choose every aspect of your home from the outset until the moment you take ownership; from layout to integrated furniture, and storage to color choices - everything is considered. 

Their turnkey solutions make moving into your new home an exciting and pleasurable experience.

Daniel Rodrigue & Janice Duncan

what our clients say


' My wife and I consider ourselves lucky to have teamed up with Daniel Rodrigue……in simple terms it was perfect. They completely understood our needs and took the time to make sure we understood the process.'


' Daniel's experience in construction and strict quality requirements, along with Janice's eye for detail was a match made in heaven.'


' Our home is the envy of the neighbourhood, made with superior materials, quality workmanship, delivered on time and to budget.'


' Daniel Rodrigue and Janice Duncan will surpass all your expectations.'

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